Shell Necklaces

Here’s the Salty Cali Shell Necklace Collection. Inspired and designed to capture the essence of the sea. Each piece combines the timeless charm of shells with modern design aesthetics. This necklace collection features handcrafted shell-inspired pendants on delicate chains.

“The beach is my happy place, so much inspiration comes from a walk on the beach.” - Leslie (co-founder)

Perfect for lounging or dressing up for a night out. Find the perfect simple gold & silver necklace, chain, choker and more! Whether you prefer a Mother of Pearl, a Shiva, or a Puka shell necklace, we offer a few delicate chain options in 18K Gold, Sterling Silver, and gold-plated finishes.

Beyond their chic appearance, these necklaces carry a profound significance. Shells symbolize themes like protection, strength, and life's cyclical nature.

See why the Sea Shell Necklace is the perfect gift idea for ocean lovers.