The best way to care for your precious Salty Cali pieces.

Gold & Silver Plated:

It's best to take off before entering any body of water, such as a pool, ocean, pond, lake, shower... you get the point.  In the case that you do happen to get tossed in a pool unexpectedly, the best way to clean your favorite piece is to:

-Place your jewelry in a glass container and soak it in white vinegar for 30 minutes, being careful not to include stones and shells as it will damage these pieces. Instead, clean pieces with stones/pearls with soap and water only.  Rinse and dry!

No No TARNISH, stay away:

Natural oils, sunscreen and oxygen will naturally tarnish your jewelry over time.  To slow down the process, you can...

- Keep your jewelry clean and store it in a air tight plastic bag when you are not wearing it.

Sterling Silver:

Keep your Salty Cali pieces grime-free as much as possible, but when the occasional sun lotion gets in there or when natural tarnish occurs, you can...

- Mix a few drops of mild dish soap with warm water and dip in a soft cloth. Rub the jewelry, then rinse in cool water, and buff with a cloth until dry. 

To keep away tarnish, wear your Salty Cali piece a lot (yes, friction slows down tarnishing!) and store them in an air tight bag on their day off.