Puka Shell Jewelry

The Puka Shell is a slice of tropical paradise. Over the past year, we’ve seen this shell making its way back into the ranks of fashion accessories. From Puka Shell necklaces to bracelets and rings, we’ve created some super cute, simple pieces and a few that can make a statement, too.

"Puka shells have always made me smile. They remind me of my teenage years, endless summers, and my first summer love. They are such a staple for all beach lovers and have been a trend over the years. Our NEW puka statement choker is a must-have, the quality is fantastic, sophisticated, and beachy at the same time, perfect for a night out! " - Miri (co-founder)

At Salty Cali, we absolutely adore puka shell jewelry, and it shows! Whether you’re eyeing the charming simplicity of a puka shell ring or exploring the deeper meanings behind our puka shell necklaces, each piece captures the laid-back vibe of the beach.

We’re all about that breezy, coastal style, and puka shells are at the heart of our collection. They’ve become a must-have accessory, blending timeless oceanic beauty with a splash of modern chic!