Why a Gold Sun Necklace Should Be Your Next Jewelry Purchase

"I can't help but adore our gold sun necklace. It's like wearing a piece of sunshine every day. It's not just a staple in my collection; it's a daily dose of positivity and elegance that I cherish." 

- Leslie (Salty Cali Co-Founder)

Jewelry is not just an accessory or a fashion statement, it is a way to express yourself to the world through intimate pieces that you give meaning to. The gold sun pendant is a stunning way to represent yourself, a timeless piece that reflects the light within you back out into the world! It catches the light and shines beautifully day to night, match this sun necklace with a pair of sun earrings and you will be the brightest girl - inside and out.

5 Reasons to have a gold sun necklace

#1 – Timeless Elegance: Gold sun necklaces have timeless elegance, making them perfect for any occasion, from casual to formal.

#2 – Symbol of Positivity: The sun symbolizes life, energy, and renewal, making it a meaningful and positive piece to wear.

#3 – Versatile Styling: These necklaces can be paired with a bunch of different outfits - Giving you tons of options in your wardrobe.

#4 – Quality Craftsmanship: The Salty Cali Sunrise Necklace is made with premium high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Meaning it will have its beauty for years to come.

#5 – Personal Connection: A gold sun necklace can hold personal significance, representing your love for nature, positivity, or new beginnings.

three gold necklaces laid next to one another

What’s The Symbolism and Meaning

The symbolism behind the sun necklace dates back centuries, for the sun is eternal. The sun is a symbol of life, it offers positive energy, warmth, and clarity during a time where new beginnings are on the horizon. The sun is connection to renewal and life on earth, universally known across cultures its power remains true throughout time and always will.

Wearing the gold sun necklace not only charges it full of powers, but resembles you as a person of love and light. Giving the gift of the sun pendant necklace is a personal and heartfelt present for loved ones or those you treasure, it resembles how you see them as a light in your life. A perfect gift that comes with an emotional connection and wishing them positive energy. 

Versatility in Styling

The sun necklace can be worn in all different ways and for all sorts of days! 

Great for everyday casual wear - and it is waterproof so you never have to worry about taking it off. It is the cherry on top of your outfit!

a women wearing a wide brimmed hat with a gold sun necklace on

If you are matching it with other accessories for a day out, this dainty gold necklace will not take away from your look, it is just dainty enough to tie together your outfit!

Styled up in a gold layered necklace stack, the sun pendant is the perfect statement piece to anchor your stack! This is a customer favorite Sunrise Stack, handpicked by our founder herself!

Reviews from our Gold Sun Necklace

“I had been looking for this style of necklace, and found it here…so beautiful and I received so many compliments! It layers nicely too with other Salty Babes necklaces!”


“I got this two layer with my other gold chains and it looks absolutely amazing. This is not my first purchase, nor will it be my last.”

“I bought 4 of these for my mom, two daughters and myself - representing the sunshine, hope and joy we can all have in our lives and share and motivate each other. Beautiful metal necklace.”  

“I love this necklace. High quality and so cute. Perfect length.” 

a women holding a cup of coffee on the stairs

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