The Making of: Shark Tooth Necklace

Walk into any surf shop, and you will find a fake Shark Tooth pendant on a string. Love it or hate it, the shark tooth necklace has been a staple of every beach shop for as long as we can remember, and mostly worn by men.

So we set out to make a prettier, shark friendly (no actual teeth involved), and feminine version. The result? Our best selling Shark Tooth Necklace: a simple, sleek design, that combines the vibe of natural beauty with a touch of edgy style. 



The Story

Shark Teeth have a rich history and symbolism rooted in many cultures, particularly Pacific Islanders, with fascinating myths and legends associated with them. At their core, they share a belief that shark teeth represent strength, power, and protection, which is how they came to find their place adorning the necks of surfers and fishermen alike.


Although today a Shark Tooth Necklace is mostly thought of as an accessory and fashion statement for most, I can’t help but feel a deep connection to the ocean, its power and mystery, every time I wear it. Catching a glimpse of the shiny gold amulet in the mirror or feeling its smooth lines with my fingers reminds me of the spirit of the shark: protective, powerful, strong, and free. 

Style It!

You will be surprised how versatile this piece is! Pair it with a simple, solid-colored tee or bikini top to allow the necklace to be the focal point of casual look. For a boho beach vibe, wear it with a flowy dress or long skirt and top. If you’re going for a more sophisticated yet never boring look, pair your Shark Tooth Necklace with a tailored blazer or a sleek black jumpsuit. 

We also absolutely love it layered with other delicate gold necklaces, especially our Herringbone Necklace!

Share your style tips and pictures too, we love to see our little Sharks making their way around the world :) 

Love and Good Vibes,

Salty Cali

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