The Beauty of Gold Shell Necklaces: A Coastal Charm

"Well, when we first dreamed up our gold shell necklace, it felt like a slice of beach heaven right in our workshop. It's been a customer favorite ever since, and we couldn't be happier to see it bring a touch of coastal magic to their lives!" – Miri (Salty Cali Co-Founder)

There is nothing more charming then the feeling that comes with a gold shell necklace. Not only do you feel a sense of connection to the ocean each time you are reminded you are wearing it but, you remind those around you of their happy place. Jewelry is meant to bring a feeling and emotional value, with beach jewelry it is quite literally the exact representation of the ocean and all its beautiful elements.

The timeless appeal of gold shell necklaces

The symbolism of shells in different cultures. Why gold adds a touch of luxury to coastal jewelry. The versatility and timeless appeal of gold shell necklaces

Gold sea shell necklaces are pieces that will never be out of style. They are the definition of timeless, taken straight from mother nature and turned into a beautiful treasure we get to wear close to our hearts. The beach will never be out of style and therefore beach jewelry will never be out of style. 

All varieties of ocean inspired jewelry are growing in popularity in the fashion industry, wearing shell charms, cowries shell necklaces, or even a simple wave accent are all reminders of the ocean. Having jewelry resemble a time of vacation, solitude, or memories that take you back to blissful times is the ultimate goal. Not only to look fashionable, but make sure the pieces mean something to you is the best of both worlds.

The Connection to Nature

What better way to remind you of the time you spent in nature, in the ocean, and on the sand, than sea shell jewelry? Instantly taken back to a beautiful point in time when you were in the ocean and your heart grows a little fonder. Sustainable jewelry is rare these days with fast fashion, but beach jewelry is naturally found and does not hurt the environment if shells and pearls are taken in the right way. Personally, we pride ourselves on using ethically sources materials. Leaving shells as untouched and natural as possible, taking from the sand only what we need and not one shell more. 

Types of Gold Shell Necklaces

Firstly, there are the actual Gold Shell Necklace which are intricately designed in the shape of shells and made entirely from gold. Secondly, we have the Gold Chain Necklaces with an Actual Shell, such as the Shiva Shell or Conch Shell necklaces, where genuine shells are elegantly attached to delicate gold chains. Lastly, we offer the Mixed Shell and Gold Necklaces, like our popular Puka Shell necklace, which combines the natural beauty of shells with the richness of gold accents on the necklace. 

Each of these styles offers a unique and exquisite choice for those seeking a shell necklace that suits their individual taste and style.


Styling and Pairing Tips

This is the fun part! Beach jewelry is not only to be worn on vacation or near the beach but styled up however you want!

You can layer them up with other of your favorite pieces or rock all the shells your heart desires as we did here:

One thing we know for sure is that shells love company! Pearls and shells accented with silver and gold are a statement you cannot go wrong with.

Wear them with any other shapes and textured pieces you have and see how they blend in perfectly, doesn’t matter what you style is… shells are every girls best friend!

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