Surf & Style: Waterproof Earrings for Teen Surfers

Calling all surf moms! 🌊 

Is your teen or ’tween always chasing the next big wave? If so, you’re already well aware how important it is for her to pair her adventures with gear that can keep up—and if she’s a fashion-forward girlie, gear that’s cute and stylish is the next best thing! 

Enter Salty Cali's waterproof earrings: designed to keep the surfer girl as stylin’ as she is salt-watered. 

Why waterproof earrings?

For teen surfers, jewelry isn't just about style—it's also about functionality. And while things like bracelets or necklaces can catch too easily and break while she’s on the go, your up-and-coming surfer will love pairing her wetsuit with some waterproof earrings: the perfect flash of sparkle that’s no stranger to salt ‘n’ sand. 

Salty Cali's waterproof earrings are designed to withstand all of the elements of San Diego's iconic beaches. Made with high-quality sterling silver and/or stainless steel, these earrings won't tarnish or lose their shine, no matter how many times your teen runs straight to the beach this summer. 

The rise of female surfers

Female participation in surfing is on the rise, especially for girls ages 5-17. This surge might be thanks to a few things: more female surfers being featured in the media, the recent inclusion of surfing in the Olympics, and the efforts of organizations who’ve dedicated themselves to promoting women’s surfing

Whatever the source of inspiration, many girls are beginning to make their mark in the sport, from beginners catching their first wave to seasoned surfers mastering tricks they’ve been working on for years. 

Proud mom: Your teen is part of this inspiring movement, and this is just the start of the amazing impact she’ll have on the sport. That being said, she deserves jewelry that celebrates her adventurous spirit and keeps her feeling empowered and confident as she tackles wave after wave.

Salty Cali: Women-owned and operated in Sunny SoCal

Salty Cali isn't your average jewelry brand. Women-owned and operated in San Diego, Salty Cali exists in one of the world’s top surfing destinations, and with a team of badass women behind the brand, we really get the unique needs of surfers. It’s how we create pieces that are both beautiful and practical for girls who love to shred. 

Top waterproof jewelry picks for teen surfers

The Salty Cali Collection offers a wide variety of waterproof jewelry for your stylin’ teen to lust after, but these are a few of our favorite waterproof earrings we recommend you check out—her birthday is around the corner, right?!

Rock Candy Aquamarine Hoops

Add a soothing blue color to your everyday ensemble with these gorgeous rock candy aquamarines!  Classic and versatile, these mini hoops can be worn from the beach to the bonfire without missing a beat.

Love Studs

Embrace the ocean theme with these adorable and resilient studs. These heart-shaped gems are so cute and dainty, you’ll never want to take them off.

Vega Huggers Salty Pendants

Perfect for the girl who loves to glow while she galivants around on the sand, these waterproof pendants are both stylish and everyday staple-worthy.

Styling Tips

When it comes to styling our waterproof collection, just keep it simple! 

Pairing a couple of Salty Cali's waterproof earrings with a rash guard or a wetsuit is all you need to create a look that is as laid-back and effortless as it is eye-catchingly chic. Our earrings are designed to stay secure and comfortable, even during the most intense of surf sessions.

Join the Salty Cali Community

Salty Cali is more than a jewelry brand—we're a community of ocean lovers who created these pieces from our own needs as former fashionable teen surfers. Follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest collections, surf tips, and inspiring stories of female surfers breaking barriers.

Mom: This is your sign to start adding our pieces to your cart, especially if you want to put a smile on your surfer girl’s face. Shop now and let your teen shine on and off the surfboard.

Explore our collection and find your teen’s perfect match at Salty Cali. 🌺

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