Summer Staple: Waterproof Gold Plated Jewelry

Summer is all about sunshine, sand, and sea, and in sweet SoCal, your jewelry should be able to keep up with your neverending trips to the beach. That's where waterproof gold plated jewelry comes into play.

With elegant designs that keep durability at top of mind, what else could you ask for when it comes to looking shiny and chic on your next summer adventure? The perfect blend of style and durability, these pieces are a must-have for your summer wardrobe. 

Why gold is a popular choice for jewelry lovers

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but never forget that gold is her most loyal companion—especially in the sunny SoCal summer. Gold's timeless charm and versatility make it perfect for all occasions, whether you’re tackling casual beach days or glam nights out with the gals. 

Waterproof gold plated jewelry is the ultimate game-changer for such escapades, offering all the luxury of high-end jewelry paired with the durability you need to thrive all summer long. Whether you're swimming, surfing, sunbathing, or just enjoying the warm weather, pieces like Salty Cali's ensure you stay stylish and carefree all season long.

What is gold plated jewelry?

Stunning, shiny, and safe to play around in, gold plated jewelry is an increasingly popular option for fashionistas on the go. A layer of gold that is applied to a base metal like brass or copper—or in our case, sterling silver or stainless steel—gold plated jewelry is just as luxurious as its all-gold-everything counterpart, just with a much smaller price tag. 

The process of gold plating involves electroplating, where a thin layer of gold is bonded to the surface of your base metal of choice. The end result? Beautiful, durable pieces that are able to easily withstand daily outings, especially in the face of salty summer adventures. Gold plating is a great way to enjoy beautiful pieces without worrying about long-term wear and tear.

The magic of waterproof jewelry

From swimming pools and spas to beach waves and trips to the river, summer activities often involve bodies of water—especially when you live on the Golden Coast of California. And while traditional jewelry can tarnish or corrode when exposed to moisture or sunlight, waterproof gold plated jewelry is designed to weather any storm or season. This means you get to put together gorgeous looks all summer long without having to worry about your destination of choice. 

Salty Cali’s Salty Babe Collection

Salty Cali’s Salty Babe Collection features a fabulous range of waterproof jewelry that will have you wanting to run straight to the beach. Designed with the active, stylish, bohemian queen in mind, these pieces aren’t just practical for everyday use—they’re elevated and chic in their simplicity, not to mention perfect for any summer outfit. 

Summertime waterproof gold plated jewelry helps you make sure you’re always looking your best, no matter where your day takes you. Leave the outfit anxiety out of your next trip to the beach. With Salty Cali’s Salty Babe Collection, you’ll never have to think twice again. 

Embrace the summer with pieces that are as resilient and beautiful as you are, salty babe!

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