Sea Shell Necklace Gift Ideas: Perfect Presents for Ocean Lovers

"The ocean is full of treasures, and shell jewelry is nature's way of sharing them with us."

A sea shell necklace is the perfect gift for any ocean lover, offering them a sentimental piece of the ocean to carry close to their heart. The deeper meaning behind the sea shell necklace is the powers it is believed to have for hundreds of thousands of years - a symbol of healing, strength, abundance, safety and protection, patience, growth, and femininity. 

The power and meaning of each shell necklace grows even more sentimental because of the personal memories people have with the ocean. Some of the most valued memories are made by the beach, reminding people of sun, joyful feelings, beautiful sunsets, and the undeniable allure of the ocean itself. The versatility of the shell means the lucky recipient can make it work with their style no matter what that style may be. 

Choosing a shell necklace as a gift is incredibly thoughtful and heartfelt, you are gifting the powerful meanings that embody the shell and giving a personal reminder of a time they loved being by the ocean ~ what more could someone ask for? 

a female wearing a conch shell necklace

Occasions for Sea Shell Necklaces

Beach Vacations and Souvenirs: Nothing serves as a better piece of memiorabilia from a vacation to the beach like a piece of beachy jewelry. Wearing it takes you back to times with you and loved ones, memories that are only yours and to see a shell on your necklace or bracelet wraps all those moments into something special.

Birthdays: Instead of getting a gift you are unsure the recipient will use, go with your gut and get a sea shell accessory that is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face! Accessories are always meaningful when coming from someone you love, they are gifts with meaning.

Weddings and Anniversaries: For your bridesmaids, or better yet the bride herself, sea shell jewelry goes beautifully with a white dress. We have had several brides purchase our pearl pieces for their wedding day, pearls are timeless and forever exquisite.

Mother's Day: It can be tricky to stay authentic when it comes to Mothers day and a shell necklace is bound to brighten her day even more! If you share memories of the beach or ocean, or simply if she has love for the water, then this will absolutely be the perfect gift.

Types of Sea Shell Necklaces

There are as many shells in the sea as there are fish! Here are some of the most meaningful ones and who you can make happy by gifting them to.

Cowrie Shell Necklaces

Cowrie shells are infamous in the jewelry world, they're known historically to hold protective powers from the goddess of the ocean… how incredible is that! Signifying destiny and prosperity this would be the perfect gift for a beloved friend or family member whom you wish good fortune for. 

Puka Shell Necklaces

A shell everyone knows and loves is the puka shell. You see it and are instantly taken to a memory of the ocean with your toes in the sand and salty hair. “Puka” is the hawaiian word for “hole”, with it’s natural hole in the middle of the shell it’s as if nature designed them to be made into beautiful jewelry. To give a puka shell as a gift you are giving good luck and safe travels, perfect for someone on a new journey!

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a female wearing a gold puka shell necklace

Conch Shell Necklaces

Conch shells are for the true ocean lovers, the ones who you swear are meant to be a mermaid… we all know one person! The conch shell is said to protect from negative spirits or events in ones life and beholds power and authority, just like the ocean itself. A powerful shell with the spirit of the ocean running through it. 

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Shiva Shell Necklaces

Shiva shells are sweet, delicate, and each one its own work of art. The natural design of the swirl from the center outward represents the Third Eye and is named after the Hindu God, Shiva, meaning this small intricate shell holds the fortune and wisdom of the universe within. Give the most meaningful gift of all, the shiva shell!

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female wearing a shiva shell necklace

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