Salty Shells Are Here To Stay in 2019!

As the end of summer is approaching, we tend to think back on the wonderful memories of relaxing on the beach, washing off the salty ocean water or watching a magical sunset in a new breezy summer wardrobe. However, these summer memories don’t have to fade with that tan! You can bring them back to life with the cutest shell jewelry pieces that are here to stay in 2019!
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According to Laura Lajiness from The Zoe Report, “seashell jewelry has evolved into a year-round staple and far more elevated than the pukka shell and rope chokers you surely rocked as a kid.” Our Salty Cali Shells Collection is perfect for a summer day outfit or vacation looks, but it can also be a fresh style year-round. It goes beyond the beach and summer season.
The Zoe Report also sat down with Erica Russo, Bloomingdale’s vice president and fashion director for accessories and beauty. She stated “The shell jewelry trend was definitely a little more casual in 2018 and 2019 is about taking it up a notch (...). Whether dipped in 18-karat gold or mixed with materials like pearls or crystals, these styles read much less beach and much more chic” (Laura Lajiness, The Zoe Report). So, fear not if you don’t live in year-round beach weather because these accessories can be taken to street style or an evening look! 
This trend continues to expand and Salty Cali is keeping up with it. We recently launched our new shell hair clips and shell sunglasses strap! Not to mention our gold and silver puka and cockle shells that you can wear as a statement piece or mix and match your favorite necklaces or bolos! You can relive those summer days by adding a breath of fresh (ocean) air to your wardrobe! 


Check out our inspo below from Vogue and The Zoe Report! You can get these shell infused styles on !


Beachin' it in our Shell Catchies! 📷: @meganraeoflight 


New Arrivals ~ Cockle Shell Hoops  



Puka Shell Necklace layered with our Rock Candy Necklace 📷: @annajohnson1 


✨ Stay Salty 


Published by: Melinda Henesy

Date: August 26th, 2019

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