4 easy ways to cope with the new normal

Struggling with social distancing? The never ending pandemic news cycle is triggering your anxiety? This is a new normal, and while it won't last forever, it requires us to quickly come up with new (yet sometimes ancient) effective ways to cope with stress, anxiety, and self isolation. 

Any other time, you could have grabbed your mat and head to the local yoga studio for a grounding session of meditation and stretching. You could sweat it out at the gym, call your friends and get drinks at your favorite bar, dance it away on a night out... but what now?

Here are 4 simple things you can do to make a difference in your daily routine that have been working for us. We hope they will help you too!

Join a live online workout - while any workout is great, a live workout checks a few more boxes: peer pressure makes you work a little harder, and seeing other humans will improve your mood. It is also a great way to help your favorite teachers by showing them your support. 

Read a book - just like your body, the brain needs exercise to stay healthy. While it won't make you break a sweat, reading a book or a magazine is a great way to relax, melt away anxiety and being transported to a happy place. Loose yourself in a good fictional story, work your analytical thinking with a mystery novel, or immerse yourself in a spiritual or self-help book to find a new sense of calm and put your mind at ease.

Clean out your closet, declutter your house - Marie Condo taught us that if it doesn't spark joy, it's not work keeping it. May we add that if it doesn't spark any joy now, it's definitely time to say thank you, and goodbye? Bonus points, you may find clothes you want to add to your rotation of leggings and sweats to help feel "normal" again. Remember: your clothes not only reflect your mood, they also affect it, so don't feel silly if you want to dress up a little in quarantine!

Wear your favorite healing stone - natural stones and crystals have been used for centuries to alleviate stress and promote mental and physical balance, and they are growing in popularity in recent years. While some are still skeptical about the science behind their properties, virtually everyone agrees that they can have positive effects on your mental and even physical health*; as Oprah Magazine recently stated, you should "..Consider crystals something to add to your healing toolkit." 

Whatever you choose to do, please remember that everything shell pass, and try stay positive. Don't forget to check out our next post if you want to learn more about healing stones, meditation, and mindfulness.

With love and good vibes 

The Salty Cali team





*These statements have not been reviewed by medical professionals. Crystals and healing stones should not be used as an alternative to doctor's orders.

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