Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaids' Jewelry for the Bachelorette Party

Calling All Bridesmaids! 

Get ready to add a dash of fun and sparkle to your Scottsdale, Nashville, Palm Springs, or Vegas Bachelorette Party! Make your special occasion truly unforgettable by surprising your bridesmaids with matching jewelry. 

We'll share tips to help you choose the right items to make everyone happy and go well with your outfits!

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How to Pick Bachelorette Party Jewelry For Your Squad 

When planning a memorable bachelorette celebration, every detail holds the potential to craft timeless memories. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect pieces. 

Reflect the Theme 

Just like any party, bachelorette parties often have themes. Whether it's a destination beach getaway or a classy night on the town, choose jewelry that complements the theme. This helps set the tone for the celebration and enhances the overall experience.

Keep It Fun and Playful

Bachelorette parties are meant to be fun and lighthearted. Consider jewelry that incorporates playful elements like charms, stones, or fun colors. These pieces will capture the spirit of the event.


Customized jewelry adds a heartfelt touch. You could opt for pieces with each friend's favorite color, shell, stone, or style that embodies your friendship. This personal touch will make the jewelry more meaningful and cherished.

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Coordinated, Not Identical

While matching jewelry can be a great idea, don't feel restricted to making everyone wear the exact same pieces. Wearing jewelry with similar colors or styles can make everyone's unique style stand out while still matching as a group.

Comfort Matters

Since bachelorette parties often involve activities and dancing, ensure the jewelry you choose is comfortable. Avoid pieces that might easily get tangled or cause discomfort during the festivities.

Get Water-Proof Jewelry 

With beach days, pool parties, or any water-related activities, prioritize pieces made from water-resistant materials. Choose jewelry crafted from stainless steel or sterling silver that can handle being in the water without getting dull.

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Trendy Bridesmaids' Jewelry Ideas

Whether at the beach, out on the town, or enjoying a weekend trip, here are some perfect jewelry pieces for bridesmaids. 

Matching Bracelets 

Elevate your bachelorette party style by gifting your group with matching bracelets. No matter the style, matching bracelets will tie your tribe together.

Necklaces For The Bride Tribe 

One way to unite the group is to get everyone necklaces that complement one another or reflect the different personalities of your squad. Or everyone has a statement piece like our Shark Tooth Necklace or pendant.  

Anklets to Step Up Your Game 

Why limit your jewelry to wrists and necks when you can have a little fun with anklets? Step up your bachelorette party game by gifting your bridesmaid anklets that add a touch of flair to their footwear. Whether you're heading to the beach or going out for the night, anklets can add a fun touch to your group's style.

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