Accessorizing Silver Shark Tooth Necklaces with Other Jewelry

The shark tooth necklace is a design that will always be in style and a unique piece of jewelry that holds meaning beyond what meets the eye. Silver is a timeless fine metal that is making a strong and bold comeback… not that it ever left! But, now silver is definitely here to stay. Accessorizing is how you represent yourself; clothing and shoes cannot always be super unique when it comes to style, however accessories are unique just to you. 

How you stack your necklaces, which pendants call to you, or even the dainty silver shark tooth necklace that you rock everyday says a lot about you. It is the fun and experimental part of getting dressed that can transform your entire look!


The Allure of Silver Shark Tooth Necklaces

Discuss the symbolism and history behind shark tooth necklaces. Talk about how this has been a staple at Salty Cali and one of our first and favorite pieces. This is where we want to add the Salty Cali branding.

The Shark Tooth necklace means the world to us at Salty Cali; it is our best selling necklace and represents who we are as a brand. A pendant that shows our deep love for the ocean and everything that surrounds it, the shark tooth necklace holds powerful meaning of strength, protection, and courage. Exactly the traits it took Salty Cali to start our own business and pursue our dreams even though the future of the brand was so uncertain, the shark tooth also serves as a token of good luck and at a time when we risked everything, luck was what we needed. 

Strong and resilient, our shark tooth necklaces resemble who we are and the characteristics we carry throughout the ups and downs of becoming Salty Cali. We are proud of where we came from and where the powers of the shark tooth to all the places we are going, thank you for joining the ride! 

Pairing Silver Shark Tooth Necklaces with Other Necklaces

There is an art to layering necklaces, that’s why when you see a stack you love you are impressed in more ways than just aesthetic. Choosing the right necklaces from neck to chest is a fun craft and easier than you think. 

Even though gold jewelry is everywhere, nothing beats the versatility of silver in jewelry and how it complements different styles. Layering a silver necklace stack, needs at least one statement piece such as a pendant, gemstone, or a herringbone style chain that stands out from the others. Once this is chosen you can build up your stack around the star of the show. Each necklace varying in length, ranging from a choker to a long chain ending near your chest.

The shark tooth is the perfect silver layered necklace to build a stack around. Paired with dainty silver earrings and chain, it is a beautiful combination!

Earrings That Complement Your Shark Tooth Silver Necklace

Accentuating the silver necklace with a simple pair of everyday dainty hoops or drop earrings is a look you cannot go wrong with. We love styling silver with our Deco Hoops, customers love how versatile they are!

Bracelets and Silver Shark Tooth Necklaces

Bracelets are also great to stack and often overlooked when we are choosing our accessories, pairing a small gem or shell with an everyday type chain that stands out more is a style we wear all the time at Salty Cali. 

We layered the Pebbles Bracelet for the main focus and the dainty, elegant, Fresh Water Pearl Bolo to bring the silver necklace to life.

Rings as the Final Touch

Stacking rings is a classic and classy touch to any outfit. Stack your heart out with rings of all shapes and sizes to really be dressed up!

Balancing Your Look

It can be easy to overdue all the accessories, or get carried away but that is the fun part in my opinion! Too many pieces at once can look cluttered rather than elegant, however that is up to your unique style. Balance is always best, but sometimes we need a little more on a night out.

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